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Masjid's Covid-19 Response

Assalam Alaikum, as Covid-19 Delta Variant spreading, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves and other around us: family and friends safe. We strongly recommend few things to help out:

  • Please try to wear Masks.
  • We know that not all brothers want to social distance in Salah but please understand that there are still many brothers who do like to social distance so please understand and respect everyone. That’s the reason we had made preparations for the brothers who like to social distance on both sides of the Masjid. Please understand and respect others. Please don’t stand on ‘X’ marking in the Saf and let the brothers who like to distance stand on sides as shown in picture sent earlier.
  • Also for your own safety please try to get vaccinated if you haven’t done so.
~ By Majlis-e-Shura
~ Date:Aug 27th, 2021

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Islamic Society of Gastonia,
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Daily Five Time Prayers

Masjid opens for all 5 daily prayers. Please check out prayer schedule. Please join us.

Juma And Eid Prayers

For Juma prayer, please see prayer schedule. For Eid prayers, check announcement section before eid day for all instructions.

Muslim Cemetery

Alhamdulliah, Islamic Society Of Gastonia has cemetery, please check cemetery tab in menu for more details.

Kids School

Monday to Friday = 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Kids learn recitation of the Holy Qur'an, memorize small surah's(Chapter) and learn how to pray and carry out daily day to day life as a Muslim