The Islamic cemetery of Gastonia is a non profit organization. Most of the services provided by the organization are performed by our volunteers for the sake of Allah. However, there are still some costs such as digging, transporting body, death certificate, etc. that are unavoidable by the organization, which must be cover by family and friends.

The cemetery is managed and maintained by the Islamic Society of Gastonia. The Shura Council selects a burial committee to make necessary arrangements. The cemetery is open to all Muslims without any discrimination. However, following rules and regulation must be obeyed by all, no mater of his or her services, donation, or status in the community.

General Policies, Rules And Regulations

  • All Muslims shall have the right to be buried in the Islamic Cemetery of Gastonia.
  • No reservation of the grave site(s) will be permitted. Only the gravesite immediately next to an occupied one, in compliance with the blueprint, will be used.
  • No structure shall be allowed on top of the grave site(s) except for a flat grave marker (12 x 6) with at most the following information: name, dates of birth and death of the deceased, which must be approved by current burial committee (NOT provided by us).
  • All burial procedure must occur according to Islamic Shariah and keeping the rules of cemetery in mind.
  • Any other information which is not cover in here or any renovation and changes to grave must be approved by the burial committee or Shura.

Steps To Take In Case Of Death

  • Call one of the contact persons.
  • Br. Zeshan: 704-451-7081
  • Br. Shoukry: 704-747-6210
  • Br. Aslam: 704-506-7946
  • Contact person will need following information from you:
  • Deceased’s full name & SS#.
  • Doctor’s name & number.
  • Hospital or facility info., where the body needs to be recover from.
  • Deceased’s next to keen or family contact name and number to make further arrangements.
  • Date & Time you would like to perform burial.
  • Contact persons will arrange for digging the gravesite and transportation of the body to the cemetery.
  • Sit with authorized person to complete the death certificate.
  • Wash the body and offer funeral prayer (Salatul Janazah).
  • Bury the dead.
  • Make Payment for services as underlined inside the brochure.